Our BARNWOOD BEDS are available in many different styles and sizes.

These hand made beds are made with reclaimed barnwood from barns from Minnesota. We also use reclaimed fence wood, as well as rough sawn timber in some of the beds that we design. The name and product description of each of our beds fully explains what type of wood is used in each bed, so that you can be certain of what you are purchasing. 

Our barnwood beds are always made from 100 percent reclaimed barnwood. We do not use a combination of wood types in any of these beds, because we feel that it is important for a barn wood bed to be authentically barn wood! 

The barnwood used is primarily douglas fir, heart or antique pine, and oak. For more detailed information about this, please see the tab on the left side information bar labeled Barn Wood Furniture Info. Here you will be able to learn about how we obtain our barn wood and what the difference is between authentic barn wood versus the faux or fake barnwood that other companies sometimes market. We also provide some information about the barns that we obtain our wood from in that section of our webstore. 

Our beds come with a head board and footboard, and side rails. The hanger bolts that we supply are pre-drilled so that the head and foot boards easily can easily be bolted to the side rails with a standard 9/16ths wrench. They are already installed, and you simply need to tighten the nuts. 

You can also purchase headboards only from us. 

Custom beds are available, just contact us with your ideas and we can make them a reality!

We will use this section to answer some of the frequently asked questions that we have received over the past 12 year of being in business. 

For any questions that are not addressed here, please feel free to contact us at or call us Toll Free at 888-625-7570.