Shipping Information & Policies

Thank you for your interest in our rustic furniture! 

Below you will find important information regarding Furniture Shipping Procedures
We also have a new Barnwood Furniture Gallery Page in progress  where you can view more information about the process for receiving your shipment. This is a very detailed and clear description of our shipping policy including instructions for receiving your furniture.
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If you have any questions about shipping and receiving your order, please always feel free to call us at 888-625-7570 or email us at Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm central time. Any member of our staff would be happy to go over the specifics with you!

PLEASE take the time to read over this important information.  Ordering furniture online is convenient and easy, however there are some details that you, the consumer, must review before placing your order.

You will find more details about our shipping policy below. Please review our Terms and Policies and feel free to contact us any time if you have questions. Thank You.

For Deliveries To Your Second Home If your order is going to a "second home" or cabin, and not your main residence please be notified that we drop ship to these locations. The drop shipper will only come to your residence and expect you to take the pallet of furniture off of the truck, and the company will call you to set up a delivery appointment. Please understand that the shipping company will do everything that they can to accommodate you, however, they can not always work around your schedule due to the large volume of orders that they deliver. There is no Saturday or Sunday delivery available, and if you are only going to be at your second home on weekends, please make arrangements for someone to be at your delivery location to inspect and sign for the order. Also, free standard delivery means that the shipping company will not unload and bring your furniture inside. You can request an inside delivery quote from us, or arrange to have someone there to help you bring your furniture inside. 

Please read more detail about our shipping policy below:

Please review our Terms and Policies and feel free to contact us any time if you have questions. Thank You.


SHIPPING IS FREE ON MOST ORDERS THAT ARE OVER $399.00. Orders that are $399.00 and under will be charged a shipping fee, excluding samples purchased on our samples page. All items ordered online will be reviewed by our staff. A member of our staff will contact you in order to provide you with any additional shipping fees associated with your order. We will always contact you first, to get your approval of the fees. You may also call or email us ahead of time and we will provide you with a quote. 

All large furniture Orders within the Continental U.S. over $399.00 will receive FREE SHIPPING to most locations. FREE shipping does not include large custom orders such as kitchen cabinets or other large custom orders. We will provide you with the shipping charge on your quote. 

PLEASE NOTE: Free Shipping includes delivery on an 18 wheel truck to your address. It does not include taking the furniture off of the truck. In the event that you are unable to find a means to remove the furniture from the back of the truck gate, you will be required to pay accessorial charges directly to the shipping company in order to have the service of unloading your furniture. In most cases, this is done by using a lift gate. Please let us know if you would like this option. The fee for a lift gate is $120.00. You may set up this service ahead of time with us, in order to get that discounted rate. If the truck arrives at your residence and you have not set up the lift gate service with us in advance, you will be responsible for the additional charges at a Non-Discounted Rate. We have no control over the trucking company add on fees. Please be sure to discuss the details of your delivery location and needs ahead of time. IN ADDITION: You may request a quote for inside delivery which is delivery to the first interior room of your house or your garage.  Not all locations will have this service available so you must contact us prior to placing an order. 
FREE SHIPPING EXCLUDES Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, all islands that are off the coast of the United States such as islands on the great lakes, Nantucket, Islands of Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York (LONG ISLAND) Washington State, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, Louisiana, or any other island communities, and any United States territories that are not within the lower CONTINENTAL 48 states

FOR ALL LOCATIONS WITHIN THE 5 BOROUGH AREA OF NEW YORK CITY a $175.00 up-charge will be accessed on your order for delivery. This is the fee that the shipping companies charge us to deliver within the New York City Area. We will contact you to charge this fee prior to shipping. 

Other locations as listed above will receive a shipping quote. You may contact us with your postal or Zip Code for a quote at If you do not inform us ahead of time that you are located on an island community or a remote location, you will be responsible for paying the extra shipping charges that these types of deliveries incur. 

We do have shipping discounts from our shipping company, which keeps the shipping cost as low as possible. Our goal is to provide the lowest shipping cost that we can and we make every effort to find the lowest price possible to your location!

Shipping method depends on product size and weight.

Most of our shipments are sent via Common Carrier. Common Carrier, drop ship items require signature and are brought only to your location as tailgate delivery. Lift gates are available to take the furniture off of the truck, for an additional fee of $120.00. This must be set up before your furniture ships. Some of the smaller items are able to ship via UPS Ground, Fed EX or Parcel Post.

Shipping to remote locations: mountains, steep driveways, dirt & gravel roads, off road locations -

In the event that you live in a remote location, you need to inform us of this at the time the order is placed. If UPS, FedEx or common carriers are unable to deliver to your location, we need to know this UP FRONT at the time your order is placed. Orders for large items such as pool tables and bars result in a very heavy trailer load. This would most likely not be a problem during the spring, summer and fall, however, we still require notification of your location at the time that you place an order. Please advise us accordingly. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!!

Picking up at our Shop:  You can make arrangements to pick up furniture at our shop location during business hours or after hours and on weekends upon special request. If we have to package the furniture above and beyond wrapping it in standard shrink wrap, we will bill you for a packaging and handling charge.

Delivery Times: Weather, accidents and construction can cause dangerous driving conditions. If our shipping company set up a delivery time with you, please be advised that it is never set in stone. Because of unforeseen conditions, please understand that they have made every effort to be at your location as close as possible to the time that you are expecting them. Due to the distance that they are traveling, they can not give you an exact delivery time. Traffic and other traveling conditions may cause unforeseen delays. These conditions are beyond the drivers' control.

SHIPPING DAMAGE POLICY:  Any damage created in transit must be reported immediately to the carrier by the customer. Please do not sign for an item until you have inspected it for damage. We are not liable for items damaged during shipping. However, all items are insured. As long as you immediately inspect them and make a note on the shipping DELIVERY RECEIPT when you sign it, the shipping company's insurance will cover the cost of the damage. Damage is rare, but can happen occasionally. We make every attempt to package our furniture so that damage will not occur.

SHIPPING DAMAGE MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 48 HOURS, OR NO CLAIM WILL BE ACCEPTED BY THE SHIPPING COMPANY OR BY VIENNA WOODWORKS LLC, AND THE COMPANY WILL ASSUME THAT THE DAMAGE HAPPENED AFTER THE ITEM ENTERED YOUR POSSESSION. DAMAGES THAT HAPPEN CAN NOT BE CLAIMED ON ANY INSURANCE POLICY AFTER THE FACT, AS WE ARE UNABLE TO PROVE THAT THIS HAPPENED PRIOR TO YOUR RECEIPT OF THE ITEM. Many times we have seen contractors or home owners who damaged items after they were delivered, and we are not liable for this. This is why it is important to inspect deliveries immediately and note any damage on the delivery receipt before the driver leaves. If this is not possible for some reason, please inspect your item within 48 hours and call the delivery company on the delivery receipt to report concealed damage and ASK them to COME OUT AND INSPECT your claim of damage. Please call us within 48 hours as well to report this to us at 888-625-7570. WHEN YOU OPEN THE PALLET TO INSPECT THE CONTENTS, YOU MUST OPEN ALL OF THE PACKAGING AND LOOK AT THE ACTUAL CONDITION OF THE PRODUCT. The packaging is very flexible so it might not be damaged, however if something is DROPPED on top of your pallet or your pallet is dropped or bumped while in transit, it MAY NOT SHOW UP ON THE PACKAGING but can still damage the product inside. This would be considered as concealed damage, done by the shipping company and must be noted on the delivery receipt. You must also retain all packing materials that your products came in, in order to file the claim, and if the shipper comes to inspect the claim of damage, these packing materials must be present, or they will often disallow a claim again for the same reasons as stated above. If the shipper does not come to inspect, they will most often request photos of the damage, as well as photos of the pallet and other packaging that the product arrived in. Thank you for your cooperation and help with this, and although damage during shipping is rare, it does happen occasionally. We package extremely well, and we chose shipping companies who have an excellent track record of proper handling procedures, which helps to keep damage at a minimum. If we do not hear from you about product damage within 48 hours of your receipt of your product, we will not be able to file a claim for you, and we will not send you replacement parts, new furniture pieces or make any type of remedy without proper compensation. There will be no exception to this policy. 

SIGNING the DELIVERY RECEIPT by law means that you are signing FREE AND CLEAR which means that you are assuming responsibility for the delivery and that you are indicating to the Shipping company and Vienna Woodworks that you have received the delivery in good condition and that you accept it in the condition that it arrived in. Once this receipt is signed, there is no longer any recourse for filing a claim. This is why it is important to note any visible damage and write it directly on the delivery receipt. You could also grab your cell phone at this point and take pictures of the pallet while it is being taken off the truck, or right after the driver has set it down (assuming you purchased the lift gate service)

If the driver does not want to wait for you to cut the bands and open the pallet to make a quick inspection of the contents, tell him or her that you refuse to sign the delivery receipt until you make your inspection for damage. PLEASE be respectful of the driver and make your inspection quickly as they have deliveries for others to make.

It will be helpful to be prepared ahead of time by having a box cutter or scissors available at the time of delivery so you can quickly take care of the inspection. So that the driver can get back on his way. Most drivers are very cooperative and you can work together to take care of this quickly. It is also very helpful to have help available at your delivery, especially if you are getting our free standard delivery only. The pallet will be on the back of the truck and you can break down the pallet and carry in the individual pieces this way. 

In the event that you find concealed damage, please notate this in detail on the delivery receipt before signing it, and snap some photos with a cell phone or digital camera as additional proof. Please take pictures of the entire pallet from a distance in addition to close ups. Make sure the packaging is in the photo, and retained for possible inspection by the delivery company if they chose to come to inspect your claim.

We would be happy to set up a meeting with you to discuss your needs and your furniture delivery options either over the phone or in person.