Barrel Vanity with Sink and Faucet

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barrel vanity.jpeg

Barrel Vanity with Sink and Faucet


Whiskey Bourbon Barrel Vanities for bar room or bathroom

A rustic bathroom vanity made from a reclaimed whiskey bourbon barrel. 
This product will take 2-3 weeks to receive. 

These vanities are made from Grade A barrels. Please note that these are made from Oak, and this wood will shrink and expand within the metal bands based on weather and humidity. This will not impact the integrity of the barrel vanity, but you may notice that when the wood shrinks in colder weather, you will notice gaps. This is normal and is part of the rustic look of the item. The wood is dried but will continue to dry over time, which will also cause some shrinking between the staves of the barrel. 

Measures 36 inches high 

The sink and faucet are included and the holes are cut for them, however they are dry fitted but not installed because of shipping and on site plumbing purposes. 

The sink is a high quality copper sink with a copper drain included. 

The faucet is a rustic bronze pump style faucet. 

There is an opening with hinges as shown. This interior of the barrel is black charred, and has remnants of aging whiskey which has an aroma. This area is for plumbing and storage in the interior is not recommended unless a separate container is placed inside. 

The back of the barrel is open so that plumbing can be hooked up from the wall area of your room.

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