Hickory Log Baby Crib Standard

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Hickory Crib.jpg

Hickory Log Baby Crib Standard


Standard Hickory Log Crib Made with the same care to meet safety requirements as our cedar log baby crib. 

This crib meets all current 2016 safety standards for cribs manufactured in the USA.

The slats are the required 2 3/8's apart (some may be slightly less) and all sides are fixed. 

The slats must be at least 2 inches apart in order to allow air flow into the crib. If you are concerned about your baby putting their arms and/or legs between the slats, we recommend a mesh bumper guard that allows air to continue to circulate in the crib. 

Spring adjustable mattress support for comfort and function. This will allow you to lower the mattress for safety purposes as your child grows.

The crib is made to work with a standard crib mattress (not included). 

Standard crib mattress are approx. 28"w (the smaller end) by 52" Long (the longer side). 

The crib is made from hickory logs that vary slightly but the average size of the crib is 32" w x 56"L. 

The posts are 45"H. 

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